- ArtWorks® 1 Gallon Crafting Epoxy Resin (Free Shipping) - by The Craft Attack®


ArtWorks is a high quality epoxy resin at an affordable price that is specially formulated for tumblers, artwork, coatings, countertops, tables and doming. 
ArtWorks has great UV protection, including HALS which is a strong UV stabilizer.

You will receive 1/2 gallon of part A and 1/2 gallon of part B.

For casting, try Liquid Diamonds!

This is a two-part resin with a user-friendly 1:1 ratio. Here are the reasons you should buy this product from us

  • Medium viscosity for the perfect flow

  • No VOC's

  • No bad odor 

  • Dries to the touch in only 6 to 12 hours (full cure after 72 hours)

  • Heat resistant to 266 degrees Fahrenheit 

  • Scratch resistant

  • Cures very rigid and rock hard

  • Cures crystal clear like glass  

  • 12 month shelf life

    • FDA Compliant

    • 100% solids epoxy

    Please note that ALL resins will yellow over a period of time. However, ArtWorks has been formulated with high quality chemicals and will resist yellowing for a very long time.  It is not possible to determine how long it will take cured resin for any brand to start becoming discolored as there are many variables such as additives by the user and where/how the piece is being used/displayed.