ArtWorks® Part B ONLY - 1/2 gallon bottle


Epoxy Resin Part B ONLY of ArtWorks ® epoxy resin. This is a 1/2 gallon bottle from the 1 gallon ArtWorks ® kit. This item does not come with the Part A resin. 

The Best Epoxy Resin by The Craft Attack is the American manufacturer and seller of our Artworks brand crafting of epoxy resin that cures crystal clear, pigments and resin crafts and crafting supplies. The best epoxy resin for crafting, art, tumblers, furniture, geodes, coasters, paintings, DIY, repair, home, surfing, surf boards, countertops, floors, hearts, pendants, molds, crafts, stir sticks, medicine cups, measuring cups, caps, bottles, silicone brush, doming mat, silicon measuring cup, silicon molds more!