Fairy Dance - The Craft Attack® 4 oz Super Fine Sparkle Powder for Resin Crafting


Fairy Dance is an unbelievably magical fine mica powder that gives your resin crafting project an extra punch of sparkle and brings it up to the next level. Adding just a TINY amount to your resin craft project is all it takes, but you can certainly add more if you live for sparkle!  A word to the wise: Do not have any fans running when you open the bottles, don't sneeze, don't laugh too hard and we don't recommend using outside or your Fairy Dance will add magic to your entire neighborhood!

Sprinkle over dark backgrounds like black or navy for a dramatic effect or light backgrounds for a more magical, "unicorn" shimmer effect.  Use by itself or mix with other glitters and micas to make your own custom effects.

We also include a small scoop with your jar of Fairy Dance. 

* Jars are filled by volume and jars are tapped so they are filled as full as possible but some settling may still occur during transit.