• Liquid Diamonds casting epoxy resin - 1.5 Gallon kit (PLEASE CLICK ON 2ND IMAGE)


    Special note: Due to a shortage in raw materials, the supplier of the curing agent has been unable to provide us with the water clear hardener that our customers have become accustomed to. We have shown a picture of the current stock which has a yellow tint. The product is not old and still cures perfectly fine but may show a very faint yellow tint to larger clear pieces. We are in the process of testing. Adding a VERY tiny drop of violet or blue can counteract the yellow tint, making the resin appear clear. We wanted to provide full disclose regarding the quality of this batch.  Please do not purchase if you have any concerns. We hope to return to the clarity of Liquid Diamonds as soon as possible and will keep our customers informed when this happens. 

    Liquid Diamonds is a high quality epoxy resin at an affordable price and it is one of the most popular brands in the resin jewelry community.  Many artists who have used other resin brands previously have noticed all of the benefits of Liquid Diamonds after trying it and have switched brands immediately.

    This is a two-part resin with a 2:1 ratio. Here are the reasons you should buy this product from us

    • Extremely low viscosity (almost like water!)

    • No VOC's

    • No bad odors

    • Low to zero bubbles when casting

    •  Appropriate for small castings to deep castings in 1" layers

    • Pressure chamber NOT required for most applications 

    • Cures to demold time in about 10 to 12 hours and fully cured/machinable by 24 hours. 

    • UV resistant

    • Heat resistant to 248 degrees Fahrenheit

    • Scratch resistant

    • Cures very rigid and rock hard

    • Cures crystal clear like glass  

    • 6 - 12 month shelf life (depending on how it is stored)