The Craft Attack® Pigments
Our line of stunning Artworks® liquid pigments for epoxy resin was custom created exclusively for The Craft Attack®. These have been tested and work well in UV resin as well. All of our Epoxy based pigments come with a twist cap included for easy and controlled dispensing. They are highly concentrated and mix smoothly and evenly with all of our epoxy resins. Perfect for crafting tumblers, coasters, river tables, countertops, geodes, DIY projects and more.
Artworks Epoxy Resin UV Resin Liquid Diamonds Epoxy Resin Deep Pour Epoxy Resin Epoxy Resin Scrubs for Hands, Face and Hair Pigments for Epoxy Resin Marabu Alcohol Ink for Epoxy Resin The Craft Attack Resin CR\rafting Supplies