BRAND NEW: Everest® Deep Pour Epoxy

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Everest ® Best Quality Deep Pour Epoxy Resin by The Craft Attack ® Crafting Resin
The Best and Most Affordable Deep Pour Epoxy Resin on the Market!
You've trusted us to bring you some of the best resin crafting products on the market. We are so happy to introduce our latest and greatest "Deep Pour". We believe Everest® is the best deep pour, self leveling commercial grade epoxy resin that is the perfect crystal clear glass like solution for many thick pour resin castings and crafting projects like river tables, deep-pour epoxy resin molds, encapsulating, cubes, silicone molds, pyramids and other deep pour resin craft projects that resists scratching!
FEATURES: Bubble Free • UV Protection • HALS included • Pour 1" to 6" deep • Work time 5 hours • Cure time 48 hours • Crystal Clear Results • 2:1 Ratio by volume

INSTRUCTIONS: Measure out by volume 2 parts of  Part A and one part of part B in a clean, dry mixing cup.  It is best to mix at least 4 oz total of resin at a time. Stir with a clean mixing stick thoroughly for 6 to 8 minutes, making sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing cup several times. If any air bubbles were stirred into the mix, allow cup to rest for a few minutes to allow bubbles to rise to the surface and pop before pouring. Pour Everest® resin into project. Optimal room temperature is about 75 degrees F. For best results, try to keep temperature as consistent as possible during curing. Try to prevent humidity above 50% when using Everest